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Prayer for Pakistan on Azadi Day

Let's all make a prayer on this Azadi Day. Let's pray that we shed all our differences, be it political or regional, the language differences or the religious divide. Let's shed our differences when it comes to uniting for Pakistan. Divisions make us week, unity makes us stronger. Divided we will fall, united we will rise. No matter what name we call ourselves, no matter what political party we associate ourselves with, no matter what religion we follow, at the end of the day we are all united by a chain called 'Pakistan'. Let the differences be the colors of a big piece of art. An art where the colors complement each other. An art where colors make it beautiful and pleasant. However never let any of the color loose its shade - the beauty will be lost. So for this very Pak Sar Zameen, stand up for unity. Pledge to never let the divisions become a source of enmity. And pledge to never let the enemy take advantage of our divisions to destroy us. Pledge to never beco…

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