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The 3D of Supreme Court’s Dams For Pakistan Fund

Since the announcement of Dam Fund by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the country has gone into a 3D wave: Dish-out, Discuss and Diarrhea. How? Let's have a look...
The 1st D: Dish-outUnderstanding the urgency, some have grasped the need of time and have started dishing out money and creating awareness for the national cause. For now these people are few in numbers, bound to increase soon. They do comprehend how limited Pakistan’s water resources are, how much water is being wasted because Pakistan lacks dams and how many dams our neighboring India is building on its side of the border damaging the equation.
Indian factor is massive when it comes to Pakistan’s water needs. Water resources flowing through India are a lifeline for Pakistan but given the current scenario, our neighboring country is building dozens of dams on rivers flowing towards Pakistan. Result: It can control the water when Pakistan needs it. It can release when Pakistan don’t. Result: Floods. Massive floods as we h…

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Cooking Reham Khan's Book - 2015 to 2017

A lot is being said regarding Reham Khan's upcoming book on Imran Khan. Most of it is blatant criticism on the former of cashing on her married life. Of breaking trust. Lot has been said on it and thus we won't discuss much on that side of the story.

I decided to take a dive in to recent past and peak on the historical perspective of the said book. I wanted to check out the reasons people say that Reham's book is funded by the former ruling party. Upon due research, what I found was, to say the least, eye opening.

So what does it take to cook a book? Three words: Lot's of Money!

In the last week of October 2015, Imran and Reham separated after a 10 month marriage. What ensued in the weeks following the divorce was not hidden...

Secret meetings were talk of the town... ریہام خان کی کچھ دیربعدلندن میں وزیراعلی ٰپنجاب سے ملاقات کاامکان،ذرائع — Geo News Urdu (@geonews_urdu) November 29, 2015
People suggested her to write her books given her interviews post-divorce. 
Reham K…

Depression Beats Dollars: Kate Spade Dies

Colors, beauty, glamour and fame. These are some of the words associated with fashion and Kate Spade made sure to shine in that world. Shine on top.
But beneath that shining star was a world of sadness. A universe of depression. Loneliness, misery and sorrow.
Life can be cruel. Life can be lonely. Life can have a huge pile of dollars and still can be a world of misery. Life with everything but family can be a life without anything. And Kate Spade's untimely death is a stark reminder of the role of depression in our lives. And that's what has been echoed by thousands mourning her death.

Money can not buy happiness!  For those still embracing the "money buys happiness" philosophy, please note Kate Spade had $200 million bucks and decided to strangle herself to death with a rope this morning. — Tim Knight (@SlopeOfHope) June 5, 2018
And they have no where to go... Kate Spade has been found dead in her apartment and apparently left a note. It looks like she has taken her own l…

Kalabagh: The Emergency Dam

I recently read a news of India building numerous dams on rivers that flow through Pakistan while Pakistanis are not doing anything in this regard. This imbalance has given birth to a new threat to Pakistan. The threat of water.

With Pakistan ignoring the need of storing more water as the storage limit of existing dams shrink, Pakistan can face severe shortages and floods. Why the extremes? With no way to store excess water, and a neigboring coutnry with power to release or stop as much water it wants, Pakistan has opened itself to enormous danegers. 

How to solve Pakistan's water crisis?Two words: Build dams. Build the most important dam. Build Kalabagh Dam. According to a report in The Nation, Kalabagh Dam is expected to be a 265 feet high earth filled dam. It will have a storage capacity of more than 6 Million Acre Feet. That can easily fulfill needs of almost all of Pakistan. In this article we will be quoting many of the figures from the above detailed report.

The dam will furth…

Mo Salah Injured - This is how Egypt and Rest of World Reacted

A tragic turn of events led to injury of Mo Salah, the man titled Egyptian King. Sergio Ramos's antics made the final of UEFA 2018 a one to remember for Salah. For all the wrong reasons.

The injury caused by a dirty/questionable tackle by Sergio has raised many eyebrows. Egypt went berserk as they viewed the tackle live on TV and the anger multiplied with the news of Mo Salah being out of the World Cup due to a dislocated soldier.

Sad time for him. Sad time for Egypt. All shocked. But how did everyone reacted?

Let's check out some below!

First let's check out how Egypt reacted to the injury:

The anger isn't going anywhere...

Fans slam Ramos for what he did before Salah went off in tears — Ahmed Anwer (@Ahmedmixlogy) May 26, 2018
The ref was accused...
@LFC The refree was unfair, standing few meters away and he saw clearly how @SergioRamos attacked @MoSalah with his usual violence intentionally, and did not give a damm....not eve…

Most Affordable Switzerland in the World - Northern Pakistan

Who isn't fed up with the chaotic lives of our cities? Who doesn't want an escape from the noisy and polluted concrete jungles? I don't think there are any who would reply in affirmative to these questions. Almost all of us want a retreat. Some head to beach, some head to the jungles and some want to vanish in the mountains. But there is a catch:

Do you have the money?

You want to go to the beach? The far-east countries have you covered at a minimal cost. Want a jungle trip? South Africa and other African nations will get you everything in lowest prices. But what about the mountains? The snow peaks, glaciers, valleys and rivers; all of them remind us of Switzerland. But is it even an option for most of us? The answer is probably a 'no' and the reason is again: 'money'. It's sheer expensive!

However we will tell you how you can experience Switzerland for a fraction.

If you're thinking of #Switzerland, it's best to stick to a #budget 'cos it'…

Romanticising A Filthy Souvenir of Partition

'My father gave me this Inverter Wala AC on my wedding...' 'I got this million rupee furniture from my dad..' 'I got all the latest appliances from Daddy Jee on my wedding...' 'Here, you check this car? That's my wedding gift. Thank you Dad!' 
Above are the few lines you will hear from many of the newlywed girls proudly announcing the 'gifts' they got from their parents on their wedding. You will find them telling that to their friends, relatives or their dozens of followers on their Snapchat. Many of the listeners having a parent who cannot afford to compete with these 'standards'.
A papa will now be under pressure to match those 'standards' of the society by hook or by crook. A girl will now begin an agonizing wait while her dad runs around finding an answer of an unending maze. And God forbid the girl isn't lucky to have a father... What happens next is anyone's guess. 
That's the ugly face of the system of Dowry; a …

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