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Welcome to Sohail Speaks!

You are at the right place to see the right things and read what's right. You would find here the voice of your heart, the truth hidden in you, the truth you can't bring out because of the fear of the world or because you aren't successful to gather appropriate words for that truth. I will bring it out, and I won't disappoint you. Pledging to bring out the hypocrisy that forms major part of out inner self, here only truth will prevail, here only facts will prevail, here discussions would be based on facts and figures, on merit and not on emotions!
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Sridevi Killed Sridevi

Fame - Glamour - Popularity: All of these terms are synonymous with the people working in the world of media. While this very fame can bring in tremendous amounts of money and pride, it doesn't guarantee happiness. It doesn't guarantee success.
Sridevi, a household name in most of Indo-Pak homes is no more and many are mourning. Legend that she was, this was expected. They say she died of a cardiac arrest. But is that really it? A little Google will tell you that cardiac arrests occur due to heart rhythms going abnormal. Again, is that really it? Are we getting the whole picture here? No. We are not.
Visuals of #Sridevi at a wedding in Dubai last night :

Few hours before her untimely death ! — Telugu360 (@Telugu360) February 25, 2018

Apart from diabetes and HDL issues; stress, depression, anxiety are major factors that lead to this cardiovascular disease. Sridevi too wasn't free from such depression. Being the decades old name in the …

Most Affordable Switzerland in the World - Northern Pakistan

Who isn't fed up with the chaotic lives of our cities? Who doesn't want an escape from the noisy and polluted concrete jungles? I don't think there are any who would reply in affirmative to these questions. Almost all of us want a retreat. Some head to beach, some head to the jungles and some want to vanish in the mountains. But there is a catch:

Do you have the money?

You want to go to the beach? The far-east countries have you covered at a minimal cost. Want a jungle trip? South Africa and other African nations will get you everything in lowest prices. But what about the mountains? The snow peaks, glaciers, valleys and rivers; all of them remind us of Switzerland. But is it even an option for most of us? The answer is probably a 'no' and the reason is again: 'money'. It's sheer expensive!

However we will tell you how you can experience Switzerland for a fraction.

If you're thinking of #Switzerland, it's best to stick to a #budget 'cos it'…

Romanticising A Filthy Souvenir of Partition

'My father gave me this Inverter Wala AC on my wedding...' 'I got this million rupee furniture from my dad..' 'I got all the latest appliances from Daddy Jee on my wedding...' 'Here, you check this car? That's my wedding gift. Thank you Dad!' 
Above are the few lines you will hear from many of the newlywed girls proudly announcing the 'gifts' they got from their parents on their wedding. You will find them telling that to their friends, relatives or their dozens of followers on their Snapchat. Many of the listeners having a parent who cannot afford to compete with these 'standards'.
A papa will now be under pressure to match those 'standards' of the society by hook or by crook. A girl will now begin an agonizing wait while her dad runs around finding an answer of an unending maze. And God forbid the girl isn't lucky to have a father... What happens next is anyone's guess. 
That's the ugly face of the system of Dowry; a …