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Ladies, Never Tasted a Ride on W-11 Bus? Get a Lawn Print!

A Closeup of the W-11
Here arrives the ever awaited, for both lot of Ladies, those who use it and those who get used, the Lawn Season! Its the ho ha time, exhibition after exhibition, designs on designs; the flowers, the various colors and then you witness the total unusual: the innovation, a bus, a Karachi mini bus!

Never had a chance to sit in a bus in Karachi? No problem, we have a LAWN PRINT for you! 

The design goes, a colorful dulhan like decorated bus in the front, a 'W-11' on the back, yes you read it correctly, the famous Karachi bus route W-11 embossed on the back of the dark brown suite.

W-11, a traditional Karachi bus route having about a dozen stops in the city ranges from the famous F.B Area to Kemari with its bride like decorated buses also becoming an international sensation. It’s reaching as far as Australia where the city Melbourne has its own version of Karachi’s bride W-11 running as a tram.

The "Limited Edition” designer clothing costs less; less than the minimum salary set in the government budgets. Even if the difference is Rs. 200, so what? A Rs 5,800 dress is worth it, at least the women would wear it once, once until a week later their Rs 7000 a month kam wali bai comes up with the same dress, a copy of course. So that 'once' makes it worth it, cool! No I am not teasing the high class modern women in our society. The collection is limited to just around 6-8 dresses per design, the WOW Factor! You have a ‘golden fortune’ if you are able to get your hands on one. I understand the drawbacks of a bus ride, the harassment, the dhakkam dhukki, at least you don't have to experience the headache with a lawn print.

I too have some more 'creative' ideas for these ever increasing designers leaving their kitchen chores and jumping into this huge market of the 51%, brilliant minds these 'seasonal professionals' have, I would say. How about a rickshaw, then a peeli taxi, a train, and why leave a PIA jet as many status conscious women would feel it below their status to go for anything to travel on below Emirates. Experience, they should, and lawn helps.

There were more in the collection, there were cycles, yeah bicycles, pity for women, can't own a physical one in Karachi because of the surroundings. A Problem? We have it solved. Can't ride one? Wear it! Look at the advantages of riding the bicycles; not only you can save energy by not using the already scarce electricity to air-dry your hair, you can also control your post marital weight increases. And there comes the Rikshaws, you can expereince the weird feeling of being stared by the Auto Walay Bhai Sab through the rear view mirror. After all it’s all a matter of experience.
In just the same amount an average guy would buy five jeans and wear it for as many months at least. But no, the women do wear it too, even if its once, they do. And what about their wardrobe hunger, the 10x10 cupboard can't be left to rot having empty space and become a victim of complex. When that huge wardrobe is filled, or the collection becomes outdated, or the people they meet have seen them wearing these dresses, then what? Let’s give something to our maid, still left, Selani Welfare Hai Na!

Not only women get affected by this sudden lawn’s tsunami, men do too! Drive on a major road of Karachi and you witness couple of people fighting on the street, you try to investigate the reason of the quarrel, and it’s the same old traffic issue. Move your head slightly, a little up, you see a billboard and there is our ever oye hoe hoe model wrapped in the ‘best collection of lawn one could find ever’! So you now know what distracted our ever nek-parsa men hurling their sedans on the Shara-e-Faisal.

Back to the vehicular clothes, let’s have our Fingers Crossed and wait for the all new upcoming UFO Print; after all it’s all a matter of experience, isn’t it?

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